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Designing Glulam

Title: Designing with Glulam: Overview, Case Studies, and Curved Glulam Design Considerations

Course Length: One Hour

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Learning Units: 1 LU|HSW

Course Description: As an engineered wood construction material, glulam (structural glued laminated timber) has been used in the United States for over seventy-five years. Beginning with a definition of glulam and a description of the manufacturing process, this course will then cover glulam specification and shared design responsibility between the design team and glulam manufacturer before concluding with a consideration of design issues specific to curved glulam. Codes (including fire safety), AITC standards, shared responsibility case studies, and how to design specific curved shapes will all be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Build a foundation for structural glulam design by understanding the fundamentals of glulam as a building material including its fire protection qualities, and how it is manufactured and finished.
  2. AIA-logo.pngBe able to specify glulam, taking into consideration the desired final appearance and experience of building occupants, by understanding the information needed to fully describe a glulam member.AIAred.png
  3. Know, through examining case studies, the benefits and pitfalls of shared design responsibility between design team and manufacturer, including the most important information to include on drawings and specifications to avoid potential conflicts.
  4. Gain expertise in designing safe curved glulam pieces by knowing what is physically possible, how curvature affects normal allowable stresses, and design issues specific to horizontal curves.

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