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Custom Glulam Beams & Arches

Custom Glulam Beams & Arches

From a sports arena to a backyard entertaining space, Unalam can provide exactly what you need for your building project. Our clients include homeowners, developers, churches and educational institutions, just to name a few.

Our glulam products are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your building needs. Our structural glulam units are available in columns, trusses, arches, purlins and beams (floor and roof).

If requested by our customers, we will include steel, hardware and erection on a job.

Unalam laminated wood is readily available and generally requires less lead time than other structural framing systems. Our professional staff and engineering capability offer you strong technical support. Unalam also provides these important advantages:

Natural Beauty: Unalam laminated wood adds the warmth and character of wood to any setting.
Natural Economy: Unalam laminated wood interiors eliminate the need for paint or false ceilings. Most Unalam roof systems do not require load-bearing interior walls.
Natural Strength: Unalam laminated wood offers the resilience and high fatigue limit of wood.
Natural Fire Safety: Unalam heavy laminated timbers are slow to ignite and resist heat penetration by forming self-insulating char. The uncharred inner portion maintains its strength and will not expand, preventing damage to supporting walls.
Total Package: Unalam can supply a total erected package including laminated wood structural supports, steel connections, roof decking & insulation.
Natural Conservation: Unalam's raw material, wood, is a renewable resource. Converting timber into useful products uses far less energy than any comparable building material.

From Arizona to Maine, from Canada to Florida, the word for wood is Unalam, naturally.

Treated Products

If exposure to the elements or moisture, such as in a pool room, is a concern, Unalam provides treated glulam elements that can become beautiful gazebos, pavilions, light poles and pergolas. We glue treated wood to our custom-shaped arches, trusses and architectural supports to protect against rot and rapid weathering. We also use glulam products to protect against ground or water coming in contact with the laminated wood.

Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shell Structures

hp.jpgUnalam is the licensed manufacturer for the patented Hyperbolic Paraboloid shell structures designed by Dan Tully of Tully International. These unique panelized roofs have been used in numerous field houses, natatoriums and hockey arenas.

Unalam has the expertise and experience to work with architects and engineers to create these unique glulam designs, execute the manufacturing and work closely with the installation process.

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