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Church of St. Aloysius

Jackson, New Jersey


The Church of St. Aloysius in Jackson, NJ expanded by adding a new building with a Hyperbolic Paraboloid (HP) roof structure. The new church incorporates traditional elements into the modern design and measures approximately 140' x 140' with a peak at 53'.

We prefabricated the HP panels in our plant on our permanent HP forms and then cut and shipped the material on special trailers for quick assembly in the field. This saved time by eliminating the need for the field form work usually associated with shell type construction.

We are a licensed manufacturer for the patented HP shell structures designed by Dan Tully of Tully International, who served as the roof design consultant on this project. Erdy McHenry Architecture was the architect for the church.

This project received the Best Architectural Design and Best Worship Project of 2009 from New York Construction magazine.

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