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Innovations in Wood

Wood is the natural choice for building today. For over 100 years Unalam has been an innovative leader in wood manufacturing. From our 1906 invention of wood silo door technology, to our earliest experimentations in glulam in 1928, to our current commitment to crafting solutions for today’s building needs – we continue to stand behind our promise that ‘if it can be done with wood, Unalam can do it.’

Customers benefit from the knowledge we have gained from over 50 years of operating a custom glulam manufacturing facility. Our approach to projects, whether a pedestrian bridge, custom home, elegant performance space, or sports arena is to work with you to find an innovative solution that will make your project not just functional, but fantastic. 

Call us today and see why our glulam is the natural choice for you. 

The Wood Times

October 19th
Rapid moisture transfer into and out of wood can have several negative effects, from checking to dimensional stability to decay. The structure of wood is similar to a bun… » More

October 18th
Enjoy a quick tour of our glulam manufacturing plant in this third episode of our video series All About Unalam. While video tours are fun, if you're ever nearby you can … » More

October 13th
Summer may have come to a close in this area, so we thought we'd share this bridge photo to put a little sunshine back in your heart. It's a lovely little bridge on a gol… » More

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